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This is Community Development – Yayasan Suara Bhakti (CD-YSB) official website

Community Development is a non-profit, independent and non-sectarian organization under Yayasan Suara Bhakti (CD-YSB) . It was founded because of being concerned to marginalized people in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta. These people lack knowledge of love, justice and equality. CD-YSB is one of the working units of Yayasan Suara Bhakti that specialises in carrying out all of the social activities.

The foundation was issued by RM Soerjanto Partaningrat S.H. dated 20th July 1987-N0. 164, and was licensed in Bantul Department of Justice, No. 47/YY/1987/PN/Btl.

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Office Address:

Yayasan Suara Bhakti building
Jl. Damai Mudal RT 01/19, Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman

Email address:

Phone: +62 (0) 274 749 5895
Fax: +62 (0) 274 889 320

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‘To attain this vision, mission, and aims through Community Development – the YSB works in the following fields:

– CD-YSB supports community development program, especially in marginalized rural communities through partnerships with some local NGOs in Yogyakarta and the Central Java Province. The primary goal of these supports is to strengthen organizational capacity at the community level.

– CD-YSB income-generating program is focused on technical skills for women who want to start or expand their business but lack of money or skills.

– CD-YSB also works to improve the official development policy with some students from Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta, Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, and some students from Gen. Sudirman University in Purwokerto Central Java.

The focus of CD-YSB’s non-formal education, training and income generating programs are currently in region of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta and Central Java Province


·         Volunteer Service Overseas, UK

·         USC Satu Nama

·         New Zealand Embassy

·         Japan Embassy

·         Agriculture Department

·         Livestock and Husbandry Department

·         National Education Depatment

·         Tourism Department

·         Badan Koordinasi Kegiatan Kesejahteraan Sosial

·         Association of Foundations for Nation

·         CHF International

·         Jebsen & Jensen

·         DED Germany

·         Misserior


·         More Income

·         Increased well-being

·         Reduced “vulnerability”

·         Improved food security

·         More sustainable use of natural resource base


CD-YSB employs a Director, an Office Administrator, some Program Officers and 26 volunteers.

It also has some expert consultants who are positioned in board of YSB.

Director :  Greg Haryana

Office Administrator : Ibnu Aryo Wijayanto dan Aprilia Ambar Ariani

Office Administrator : Maman Hermawan


A. Project Funding

Up to 1997 Community Development programs were solely funded by Yayasan Suara Bhakti commercial work unit: i.e. Wisma Bahasa, and Project management. In 1997-1998 the New Zealand Embassy provided financial assistance for some of our programs.

B. Strategies

– Providing services that stand up for marginalized people.

– Developing the knowledge, skills, and attitude of the groups by facilitating training aid and making them      able to start and arrange their productive activities properly.

– Helping the groups by guiding and consulting directly and indirectly.

– Involving society in the planning, carrying out, evaluating, and development of the next program.

– Applying a holistic approach.


– Familihood, be brothers and sisters among each other within the organization as well loyal to each other.

– Friendship, be committed and loyal friends to internal and external people.

– Flexibility, terms of service are flexible to meet the needs of people. Neighbourhood, care for those in need    of assistance.

– Imagination, be prepared for the changing environment. Pragmatism, analytic problems and constructive to    solutions.

– Open-minded, willing to accommodate various constructive inputs through workable and fair treatments.

– Synergy, get things done together in conducive atmosphere.


A. Vision

We believe that to achieve greater community welfare, it is not enough just to solve problems as they arise. More importantly, CD- YSB creates awareness and understanding of the various problemsfor the members of the community, so as to foster their sense of pride and self- determination and to provide them with the appropriate means with which they can deal with the problems more effectively.

B. Mission

To improve knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the target groups by providing training facilitation, which in turn enables them to commence and manage their productive activity properly.

C. Aims

To increase the general welfare of the community through close cooperation with the target groups or the community themselves, as well as government, and non- government agencies working in the field of community development.

Work Area

·         Bantul District

·         Kulon Progo District

·         Sleman District

·         Gunung Kidul District

·         Yogyakarta District

·         Klaten District

·         Magelang District


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